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La città in fondo al mare (The City at the Bottom of the Sea)

La città in fondo al mare (The City at the Bottom of the Sea)

In this delicate modern fable, the words by Mauro Grimaldi and the illustrations by Spartaco Ripa create a fantasy world, that acts as a bridge to approach the readers to the migrants' situation.

There is a city populated by people of all ages and skin colour. They speaks many different languages, yet they understand each others very well. They live in peace and joy, and they are always kind to each others.

What if it really existed? If there was a city where people all different from each other can live in peace, sympathy and joy? Where there is no need of words, because everyone speaks a language made of bubbles; where there is no need of wealth, because all is gifted or exchanged? It could be a dream… it’s a pity that this city is at the bottom of the sea.

An illustrated book that helps to speak with children about the right of happiness and the choice to risk everything, hoping to find it. And if a city so welcoming really exists only at the bottom of the sea, maybe we really need this book.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizioni Sonda

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 40

Price: € 12,90

ISBN: 9788872240403

Foreign rights manager: Maria Teresa Sirna,

Premi: Premio Letterario Racalmare Sciascia-Scuola 2019

La città in fondo al mare (The City at the Bottom of the Sea)

Mauro Grimaldi & Spartaco Ripa

Mauro Grimaldi, sporting journalist, won the Price Selection Bancarella Sport 2000 and 2014, and he received a special mention at the 2011 Bancarella Sport. In 2014 he won the National Price Gabriele Sandri.

Spartaco Ripa cooperates with publishing houses and magazine as «Il Giornalino». As illustrator, storyboarder, and visualizer, he work as freelance for various advertising agencies and he exhibits his works in many galleries.