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Penelope wakes up in a stranger’s house, after yet another wasted night. She leaves silently and alone, through the livid streets of the autumn in Milan.
She used to be a prosecutor, then a mysterious accident dramatically ended her career. One day a man comes to see her, he was investigated for the murder of his wife. The case was dismissed but did not cancel the terrible suspicions from which it had arisen. The man asks her to take over the case and to restore his lost honour. He wants to know what to say to his daughter, a little girl, when she will grow up and enquire about her mother. Penelope, after an initial refusal, lets herself be convinced by the insistence of an old friend of hers, a crime reporter.

A breathtaking investigation winds its way through unknown streets of the city and memories of a life that does not return.

Gianrico Carofiglio creates a female figure with epic traits. A woman full of anger and painful humanity. A character who remains in our hearts, well beyond the last page and the unexpected ending.

Gianrico Carofiglio (Bari, 1961) has written short stories, novels and essays. His books, always at the top of the bestseller lists, have been translated all over the world.