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La filosofia come orientamento. Un nuovo senso da assegnare alla terra

As opposed to the other disciplines, philosophy doesn’t have a clear objective. Instead, philosophy’s objective is to be itself without any additional determinations. Every authentic philosophy questions its own definition and its own conditions of existence. As an infinite striving toward Wisdom, in which theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge converge, philosophy presents itself not as a science but as a con-science that must accompany every form of knowledge and our every choice. In this sense, it is, above all, an orientation, in harmony with the need for adaptation and determination that defines human beings, who are always searchingfor a reformulation of their place in the world.Already during the early 20th century’s crisis of principles, philosophy sensed its radical diversity in its groundlessness. Above all, with the advent of the Anthropocene and the acknowledgment that human beings are a natural force, philosophy fully rediscovered its own function, realizing how its groundlessness – its atopy – depends on its inherent rootedness and its ability to find the proper distance from each stable form of knowledge. This is the starting point for a critical pathway that addresses the main theoretical positions of Western thought, as the book highlights the revolutionary and regenerative potential of a philosophy whose goal is to pinpoint a new possible orientation.

Emilio Carlo Corriero is associate professor at the University of Turin, where he teaches Moral Philosophy. His books include The Gift in Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. Affirmative Love and Friendship (Bloomsbury 2021), The Absolute and the Event. Schelling after Heidegger (Bloomsbury 2020), Vertigini della ragione. Schelling e Nietzsche (Rosenberg & Sellier 2018), Il Nietzsche italiano. La ‘morte di Dio’ e la filosofia italiana del secondo Novecento (Aragno and Rowman & Littlefield 2016).