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La forma del silenzio (The shape of silence)

La forma del silenzio (The shape of silence)

Family relationships, absences, harboured wounds, secrets and the principal themes of the intimist novel, immersed in a plot full of suspense, like in Jodi Picoult’s books.

A hearing and speech impaired child who loses everything, a painful secret kept for twenty years, and two tormented souls seeking each other. 

Leo is six years old. He was born deaf and uses sign language and the language of love with his family. But the time has come to start school, so Leo is sent far away from home, to a special school where sign language – the language of animals, according to the Gospel – is forbidden. His life suddenly becomes hard and unfathomable. One night, in 1964, during a heavy snowfall, Leo disappears. Police enquiries and searches lead nowhere: no one ever hears from him again. At least not until nineteen years later, when Michele, a former school friend of Leo’s, arrives in the consulting room of his sister Anna, a psychologist. He starts telling his story, starting from that winter’s night.

“Stefano Corbetta narrates family drama without making it weepy, with a tension that captures the reader like a thriller, without an easy happy ending” – «la Repubblica»

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Ponte alle Grazie

Year of publication: 2020 (to be published)

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 232

Price: € 16

ISBN: 9788833313634

Foreign rights manager: Viviana Vuscovich

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La forma del silenzio (The shape of silence)

Stefano Corbetta

Stefano Corbetta was born in Milan in 1970. As well as being a professional interior designer, he has had experience in various fields, such as jazz, theatre and writing. His debut novel, Le coccinelle non hanno paura (Ladybirds Are not Afraid, Morellini), was published in 2017 and was followed by Sonno bianco (White Sleep, Hacca, 2018).