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From 1984 to 1991, “God” lived in Naples, Italy. You could bump into him while walking around one of the city’s rioni, at a shoe store, or in a restaurant along the seaside. And you could definitely find him every other Sunday at the former San Paolo Stadium. Diego Armando Maradona’s presence in Naples meant far more than “just” football to Neapolitans: for many, having “Dios” in their city was a mystical experience whose apex consisted of getting a selfie taken with him. Carlo Rainone travelled around Naples to collect 120 such “relics”, photos taken with Maradona in every type of setting and jealously preserved for decades in people’s homes, offices and wallets. This book is a testament to their adoration for the man widely considered to be the greatest football player of all time.

Carlo Rainone is a documentary photographer whose work examines people’s sense of identity and cultural belonging. He worked with Vice and Time.