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La guerra dei lupi (Ulfhednar war)

La guerra dei lupi (Ulfhednar war)


That’s why we keep on trying. To honor the fallen, to win our fears and to promise ourselves not to fail anymore.

The ulfhednars are back from the time of myth. The legendary wolf-warriors, servants of the God Odin, have invaded Italy and taken control of the Apennine Mountains. Ruled by a new warlike Alfa, the reunited pack of Silver Fur plans to rule over all the Italian ones, no matter the cost. Daniel, a fugitive wolf who has learned to live among the humans, tries to stop the enemy pack helped by Ascanio, his boyfriend and a reluctant warlock, in order not to lose their freedom and to keep their friends safe. Still, behind the violent and unworthy Alfa’s expansionist ambitions, there lies an ancient shadow, a necromancer willing to do anything to cling on to life.

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 416

Price: 19,50 euro

ISBN: 9788867714100

Foreign rights manager:

La guerra dei lupi (Ulfhednar war)

Alessio Del Debbio

Alessio Del Debbio is a traveller in fantasy worlds. He loves mythology and folk tales, reading and writing fantasy and sci-fi books. His latest books are the novels  Ulfhednar WarBerserkr (DZ Edizioni, 2017) and the short stories anthology  The Devil’s Hour and  When Betta spun, published by NPS Edizioni.