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La natura sa quasi tutto

La natura sa quasi tutto

A seed knows that it needs Earth to take root, Water to germinate and Air and Sky to grow and breathe. He knows he needs a healthy and beautiful environment to live. And we need it too, except that sometimes we tend to forget it. This is why it is important to linger and listen to what nature has to say.This new illustrated book is dedicated to nature and to four elements – Air, Water, Earth and Sky – which, through short four-hand illustrated aphorisms, reveal the secrets of our planet, to understand the essential relationship we have with it, but also to dig deep and understand ourselves.

Publishing house:

Carthusia Edizioni

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 36

Price: 20 €

ISBN: 978-88-6945-102-7

Foreign rights manager:

La natura sa quasi tutto

Alberto Casiraghy - Sonia Possentini - Gabriel Pacheco

Alberto Casiraghy, texts. Author, illustrator, publisher-craftsman.

Sonia Maria Luce Possentini, illustrations. Painter and illustrator with a poetic and evocative trait, she has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions.

Gabriel Pacheco, illustrations. Great illustrator with the unmistakable oneiric and metaphorical trait.