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La sorpresa della Volpe – The Fox’s Surprise

La sorpresa della Volpe – The Fox’s Surprise

A cleverly written, humorous story about prejudices and friendship.

Fox is preparing a great surprise. It is such a clever idea that, she is sure, no one will be able to guess what it is!First, she invites Bear. Will it be a cake competition? he wonders. Then, she tells Hare. Maybe it is a running contest, Hare tries to guess. Mouse thinks it may be the opening of a new library, since he loves books. Owl is sure it’s going to be a rock concert. And Turtlehopes for a comedy show.But just what is this surprise? Is Fox up to something? They won’t get what they were hoping for… or will they?


Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Monselice, Padova

Number of pages: 32

Price: 14

ISBN: 9788899842888

Foreign rights manager: Francesca Segato

La sorpresa della Volpe – The Fox’s Surprise

Virginia Stefanini

THE AUTHOR Virginia Stefanini graduated inDrama Studies and now works asa librarian and reading promoterfor children and families. She also writes articles and essays for magazines and websitesspecialized in children’s literature.