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You’re locked in a room and you have just one goal: to escape! But in order to do it, there are puzzles to unravel, objects to find, riddles to solve, and codes to crack. The seconds tick by. And while gathering clues and looking for the escape route, both inside and outside the room, the characters of the story change the rules, alter reality, commit crimes… Then, after the final twist in the tale, escaping won’t be your only goal. Now, you’ll also want to discover the truth… Match your wits against puzzles, games of logic and observation. To be manipulated, turned over, even destroyed, the book becomes a labyrinth to be navigated, in which the reader is the main character. The illustrations give you all the clues. But, just like a real escape room, it’s up to you to find them all.

Leonardo Lupo is the pseudonym of a collective of authors, directors and actors formed by Carlo Bassetti, Simone Laudiero, Fabrizio Luisi, Pier Mauro Tamburini. They work for television (The Comedians for Sky, Stasera casa Mika for Rai Due, Camera Café for Rai Due and Italia 1, Il Candidato for Rai Tre) and for the web (Età dell’Oro for Discovery, Kubrick – Una storia porno for Magnolia Fiction, Faccialibro for MSN Microsoft), writing both fiction and entertainment formats.