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L’amore e gli amori – Love and loves

L’amore e gli amori – Love and loves

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In this book the author describes in a simple way and with examples, the main forms of love so that each of us can recognize what kind of experience he is experiencing and which are the possible consequences. Alberoni begins his excursus starting from the loves of childhood, adolescence and youth; and then he moves on to love fantasies, purely sexual relationships, love without passion and without jealousy and to those who instead are tormented by this woodworm. The sociologist examines the various forms of erotic friendship; the infatuations, among which the loss one, the competitive one, the divination one and the domain infatuation. Finally we examine the true falling in love, which is sometimes like a big flame that lasts a little, but sometimes it is kept alive because it grows again.

Genre: Essays

Publishing house:

Edizioni Leima S.r.l.

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Palermo

Number of pages: 208

Price: € 15,00

ISBN: 9788898395538

Foreign rights manager: Renato Magistro

L’amore e gli amori – Love and loves

Francesco Alberoni

Francesco Alberoni is the most famous Italian sociologist. He has taught at the University of Milan, Trento and Lausanne. He was rector of the University of Trento and the IULM University of Milan. He studied the collective movements (Movimento e Istituzione, Sonzogno, 2014) and the love processes (Innamoramento e amore, Rizzoli, 1979; L’arte di amare, Sonzogno, 2012). With Edizioni Leima he founded e series, Opera omnia, which will collect all the essays of the sociologist.