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Last Goodbye

On his way to the studio, with a new album lined up, Jeff Buckley decided to dive in the Wolf River. His body was found days later. He was 30, with only one studio album under his belt (and a heavy surname), but already had all the attention of the music world on himself. This is the tale of a shooting star, narrated with the help of the people around him to uncover different sides of one of the most beloved songwriters ever.

The powerful tale of a gifted songwriter, saddled by his father’s legacy and tragic life.

Micol Arianna Beltramini was born in Cagliari in 1978. After numerous books, today she carries out several projects with Edizioni BD and Archivio Crepax and is the curator of some of the stories of Viva Valentina!.

Gea Ferraris was born in Casale in 1982. She graduated from the School of Comics in Milan and works as an illustrator and painter.