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Layla. Nel regno del re delle nevi

Layla. Nel regno del re delle nevi

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Love for high mountains, the search for beauty, the discovery of silence and solitude: this is what the well-known mountaineer and writer, Reinhold Messner, wanted to share in his first fiction book.

When I was a little girl, Dad called me Layla, a name that means “the top of the mountain.” Thus begins the story of Layla, the child protagonist of a magical adventure in the land of the snow king. Abandoning all the comforts of home and guided by her father, Layla embarks on a journey among the highest peaks of the mountains, discovering unknown people and learning new and important values. A magic story of nature, silence and love. A story to bring young people closer to the mountains and teach them how to live and love nature, how to respect it and establish a silent and profound dialogue with it. “With this fable, I tried to draw children’s attention to the possibility of living peacefully and joyfully in a different world and make them reflect, so develop an ecological conscience and greater respect for nature: renunciation, not consumption, is the key to happiness. Finally, I hope that I have sufficiently stimulated the curiosity and dreams of my little readers.” Reinhold Messner

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Trento

Number of pages: 42

Price: € 13,78

ISBN: 9788859020608

Foreign rights manager: Valeria Agliuzzo

Layla. Nel regno del re delle nevi

Rainhold Messner

Reinhold Messner was born in 1944 in Bressanone (Italy). He conquered the first 3thousand with his father when he was 5 years old.  After briefly working as a teacher, in 1969 he devoted himself to mountaineering. He is the first to conquer the fourteen 8thousand, and several other peaks without technical assistance. He created the Messner Mountain Museum and Foundation to help the mountain populations.