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Le chiavi della prosperità. Gli atteggiamenti mentali che generano sviluppo

As US Senator and diplomat Patrick D. Moynihan, who died in 2003, wrote in an apostille to his will, the central belief of conservative thinking is that it is mentality – not politics – that determines the success of a society; on the contrary, the central belief of liberal thinking is that politics can change mentality and save it from itself. This book reveals the conditions under which liberal belief can be reversed. And it does so by filling a void that needed to be filled. Or rather, three voids, as Guido Tabellini states in his Preface to the book. First, it offers a recent and updated synthesis of a line of research that is transforming the way of studying economic development. Second, although scientifically documented, complete and updated, the book is also addressed to non-technical readers or particularly expert in the subject, speaking in a simple and easily accessible way. Third, it is written from an Italian perspective, thinking about the specific problems of our economy, a particularly interesting perspective in such a difficult political and economic phase for our country.

Matteo B. Marini is Full Professor of Theories of Economic Development at the University of Calabria at Rende (Cosenza). He was one of the first Italian economists to deal with \’culture & development\’ through a series of study stays as Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Universities of Kentucky, Illinois and Pittsburgh. He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Cultural Change Institute of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston from 2009 to 2011.