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Le grandi dimissioni. Il nuovo rifiuto del lavoro e il tempo di riprenderci la vita

Starting from the experience of workers – especially in Italy – Francesca Coin analyzes the reasons for the growth of a completely unexpected trend, and shows how today resigning means not only preventing the conditions of exploitation from deteriorating our health and our relationships, but also regaining time for ourselves and for our lives.Even before the pandemic, a survey carried out in 140 countries revealed that 80% of the employed population hates their jobs. And so, after having months to reflect on the quality of life, so many exhausted, exasperated and impoverished people have organized to collectively resign from the catering, health, retail, culture and other sectors. Giving shape to what has been called the phenomenon of the Great Resignations.

Francesca Coin, sociologist, deals with work and social inequalities. Until September 2022 she worked as an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University, UK. He now teaches in the Centre for Work Welfare Society Competence of the Department of Business Health, Social Administration (Deass) of Supsi, Switzerland.