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Le maschere di Pocacosa

Le maschere di Pocacosa


An enchanting and original story about mountain trees and bullies.

Even though he’s 12 years old, Remigio is afraid of masks. But there is a reason for that: in his village, Pocacosa, people go crazy around Carnival time; hidden behind scary masks, they raise hell and Remigio knows that his schoolmates will pick on him because he’s the top of the class. So he has no other choice but running away to the mountains, where he will learn how to prepare himself. With the help of the old hermit Bonifacio, he will understand that fear is not a weapon to use against others, but an emotion that we all must feel and master.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 144

Price: 13,90

ISBN: 9788893816328

Foreign rights manager: Vito di Battista

Le maschere di Pocacosa

Claudio Morandini

A high school teacher, Claudio Morandini lives in Aosta. “Neve, cane, piede” has been a real literary phenomenon: a top 5 best-seller, it won the Procida-Elsa Morante-Isola di Arturo prize in 2016 and it has been sold to UK, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Chile and Argentina. Film rights have been optioned.
In 2018, Salani published his first children’s book “Le maschere di Pocacosa”, and in 2019 his new novel “Gli oscillanti” has been published by Bompiani.

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