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Le parole necessarie (Necessary Words)

Le parole necessarie (Necessary Words)


Three previously unpublished lessons by a great writer

Two unpublished lessons and a conference by one of the major writers of the 1900’s. In these short but dense works, Pontiggia reflects on the value of the word and on the risk of its weakening or denaturing in the age of the predominance of oral communication and the image. In reality, as Pontiggia claims, “we really do not know how to speak, and we really do not know how to write either.” The use of the word requires energy and conviction and a intent gaze upon the interlocutor. Otherwise it remains “in a sort of pneumatic vacuum.”

Genre: Other

Subject: Literary Criticism

Publishing house:

Marietti 1820

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Bologna

Number of pages: 112

Price: 9,50

ISBN: 9788821110108

Foreign rights manager:

Le parole necessarie (Necessary Words)

Giuseppe Pontiggia

Giuseppe Pontiggia (1934-2003) received the Strega Prize, the Super Flaiano, the Premio Chiara for his career and the Campiello Prize.