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Le stagioni del mio giardino

Le stagioni del mio giardino

The seasons alternate. Many guests arrive and leave our gardens. Let’s discover their stories.

The seasons of my garden.

The seasons alternate. After winter comes spring, then summer, then autumn. What changes? The leaves of the trees, the flowers, the plants that give us natural decorations and useful cooking ingredients. Birds change, too. We do not notice it, but many guests arrive and leave. And how do they deal with the permanent inhabitants? Let’s discover together the stories they live in our gardens.

Written and illustrated by Enza Clapis.

Full-colour hardback book

Language: Italian

Worldwide rights available

Genre: Other

Subject: Geography / Environment / Territory

Publishing house:

AG Book Publishing

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 36

Price: € 16,00

ISBN: 978-88-98590-73-5

Foreign rights manager: Angela Cristofaro

Le stagioni del mio giardino

Enza Clapis

Enza Clapis is a painter, graphics and painting teacher and author of illustrated books.