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The wooden house burns in the middle of the night. Tongues of fire illuminate the valley between the mountains. In the silence of the falling snow, only the roar of the fire can be heard. And when the wooden house collapses, only the frightened whispers of those who managed to escape in time remain.But something is not as it should be. The accounts do not add up. And fate turns out to be terribly cruel towards a mother: Serena.If there is one word Serena never thought she would identify with, it is the word ‘mother’. She is the ‘blond shark’, a fierce and successful broker in the world of high finance. She is master of her fate, and no one is her master.But after the fire at the chalet everything changes, and Serena begins to fall into the worst of dreams. What if the maternal instinct she has always denied is stronger than fire, than destiny, than anything in the universe? What if we really only realise we love someone deeply when they appear lost to us forever?This is not simply Donato Carrisi’s latest masterpiece. Because Serena is not a character like any other, and this is not a story like any other. This is an unstoppable journey to discover the darkest corners of our hearts and our fears, at the end of which our way of seeing the world will simply never be the same again.

Donato Carrisi is an Italian author, screenwriter and journalist. After studying law, he specialised in criminology and behavioural science. He is a director as well as a screenwriter for television and film series. He writes for the Corriere della Sera and is the author of international bestselling novels, all published by Longanesi.