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L’inciampo degli dei. La crisi della Germania

L’inciampo degli dei. La crisi della Germania

The whole truth about Germany. Europe’s locomotive has a thousand problems.

The capitals of Europe are lashed by violent bursts of fear, bitterness, hatred, disenchantment and even the locomotive Germany, of the fourth Merkel government, is not safe. Rather. This unconventional book on the nation that more than others represents stability and security, was written by an insider, who has lived in Berlin for years. The Italian reader enters for the first time in a very different atmosphere from the sweetened one described by the national media: millions of new marginalized Germans, including many pensioners still forced to work; one in seven children at risk of poverty; indebted citizens more than the alleged Italian cicadas; banks on the verge of collapse; militarization of society; severe racial tensions; mafias that dominate as and more than in Palermo. In Germany, considered the economic leader of Europe, the surrounding walls around Berlin risk collapsing …

Genre: Essays

Subject: Economics / Industry / Management

Publishing house:

Tralerighe libri editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Lucca

Number of pages: 376

Price: 18

ISBN: 9788832871135

L’inciampo degli dei. La crisi della Germania

Matteo Corallo

Matteo Corallo, a law graduate from Trieste, is a blogger and essayist. Since 2013 he has lived in Berlin, where he writes about Germany and the surrounding area trying to verify if what is said about the German myth of the ’locomotive of Europe’ is true. In February 2016 he founded the blog La Deutsche Vita, which deals with politics, economics, current affairs. Topics not analyzed by the mainstream media. He collaborated with the foreign press agency AISE and the Corriere d’Italia.