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The watering can does not like monotony but rather seeks inspiration and a vital stimulus that can turn on and colour its days. So, the watering can leaves the vivarium and tries to act as a teapot, a pencil holder, a hat… And every time she learns something new; each experience makes her feel useful in a different way… Finally alive! Until one day she meets an artist, always busy looking for infinite new worlds in the reality that is before our eyes.
The adventure of seeking to find one’s own place in the world and an answer to great ambitions. A wonderful story for adults and children alike!

For years Erika Cunja has been dedicating herself to illustration and creative workshops. She currently collaborates with several Italian and Slovenian publishing houses, also dedicating herself to teaching at the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. In 2018 The Watering Can received a special recognition from the jury at the BookILL Festival International Contest in Novi Sad (Serbia).