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Edoardo is almost ten years old and has a great passion for scary movies. What he really can’t stand, however, is being stranded together with his very boring little cousin Tommaso, known as Tofu, on an island where there is nothing to do. That is why, when precious jewellery starts being stolen in the village, Edo throws himself into the investigation on a broken-down bicycle, followed by his cousin. They investigate in the village and in the countryside, uphill and downhill, until they find a mysterious abandoned-looking house and a little pale girl surrounded by a flock of crows.From this moment on, the adventure will take an unexpected turn, full of twists and turns, balanced between frights and ice cream, desire for freedom and escapes, skateboards and jazz. And at the end, Edo will be forced to recant almost everything he thought he knew .

Sara Marconi is a children’s writer, editor, translator and trainer. She graduated in History of the Italian Language in Bologna and started publishing in 2000 (Olimpia e le principesse, Feltrinelli – republished with Lapis in 2015).