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Lockheed T/RT-33A (storia di un addestratore)

This is the first title of Aviolibri Records series. The text is bilingual (Italian and English), rich in colour and black and white photos (35 colour; 92 b&w, including three-views and profiles) and colour profiles. In the monography the author illustrates thirty years of aeronautical history, lived by the T-Bird itself in its use by the Italians. This aircraft, like the RT-33° elegant turbo reactors, with a precise and perfect design, have been important for those of the AMI that flew with them.

Nicola Malizia was born on 1930, in Nova Siri. He lived directly the tragic events of the Second World War and at the age of 20 he entered the Aeronautica Militare. He then was assigned to the 51° Stormo C.B. in Treviso, where he remained for twenty years. He retired on 1983 and has been writing books since then.