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MD-82 Alisarda e Meridiana

MD-82 Alisarda e Meridiana

In the following pages we shall retrace the creation, development and use of the aircraft which has subsequently become an icon of flight.Chapters are enriched by an unpublished photographic gallery. The work is completed with the tables giving the data concerning all the examples there have been in the flight line for the carrier with Meridiana on the tail. They are useful for discovering information of great historical value that up to now has never been published. The final part of the volume is dedicated to modellers and collectors who will be able to assemble an exclusive Meridiana MD-82 kit on a scale of 1:200, what’s more admiring some splendid reproductions in miniature among which some unique examples of the aircraft that is the protagonist of this monograph.

Genre: Other

Subject: Technology / Engineering / Agriculture

Publishing house:

IBN Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone sas

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 126

Price: 24

ISBN: 9788875654122

MD-82 Alisarda e Meridiana

Luca Granella

The author was born in Turin on 31 March 1977 and is an aviation and historian writer whose books were published by the most important publishing houses in the aeronautical field.