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The story of two puppies, their bond and the intelligent and caring love of the person who will give them a home without separating them. The story opens with the image of the puppies sleeping peacefully in their cage. But one of them has found a home and they are separated. The adopted puppy arrives at its new home, where a little girl awaits it and does everything she can to make it happy. But her efforts are to no avail and the little girl, in despair, bursts into tears. ‘Come with me. Maybe I have found the cure for your sadness,’ the mother seems to say.The puppies are happy together again, and the little reader discovers that living together with nature and humans is only possible through respect and attention. Reading age from 2 years

Attilio Cassinelli, aka Attilio, is a painter, designer and illustrator. His books are translated into many languages and have received prestigious awards, such as the Andersen Prize (2017) and the Nati per Leggere Prize (2017 and 2020). In 2021, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome dedicated a monographic exhibition to him: Evergreen. Attilio’s Story.