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Mentre tu dormi

Mentre tu dormi

’While you sleep’ is a colorful silent book, engaging, rich in detail: each page is a journey…

A wordless book dedicated to reading, especially that made by parents to children before they fall asleep, because in the night, in dreams, the stories and their characters come alive and the world of fantasy becomes reality!

Form a series of books without words, to tell stories through the magic of images. Great authors who participated in the prestigious Silnet Book Contest award, the first international competition dedicated to the book without words.

Publishing house:

Carthusia Edizioni

Year of publication: 2015

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 36

Price: 19,90 €

ISBN: 978 88 6945 017-4

Foreign rights manager:

Mentre tu dormi

Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Mariana Ruiz Johnson is an Argentine author and illustrator of children’s books. In her books, published now all over the world, she uses different techniques which she then elaborates on the computer.