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In Il montgomery giallo the author tells the most recent part of her story which begins with a fateful ‘yes’ that will turn her life upside down and that within a few years will lead her to leave the Congregation of the Sisters of the Redemption to continue her journey alone. There are important existential values ​​at stake that he cannot renounce and life projects that he cannot abandon. The result is a radical change that invests all its existence in three hundred and sixty degrees and leads it to renew itself profoundly, to enrich itself with new knowledge and to undertake new experiences in the medical profession. However, faithful to his choices he continues to devote himself to the least of the earth even when a degenerative and progressive disease of the Central Nervous System will undermine his strength and limit his action.

Graziella Lussu was born in the province of Sassari. After studying Biological Sciences, she moved to Rome where she enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the Catholic University. In Naples she specialized in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She wins several awards including ‘Città sociale’ in 2010 and in 2011, the Mayor of Naples gives her a plaque for her medical service in favor of the homeless. In 2013 she obtained the title of ‘Knight of Merit of the Republic’.