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My Mini Veneto & Venezia

My Mini Veneto & Venezia

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My Mini Veneto & Venice - Discovering the land of gondolas, splendid villas and carnival

Author: William Dello Russo Illustrator: Monica Parussolo Translator: Richard Sadleir

Discovering the land of gondolas, splendid villas and carnival

Did you know that in the Veneto region there are ancient forests and magnificent mountains, colorful islands and lands with bizarre shapes created by the waters? And did you know that in this region some of the world’s greatest masterpieces of art are to be found? That one of the most beautiful stories in the world is set in Verona? And that the Venice Carnival is the most colorful on the planet?

From Venice to Verona, from Padua to the Dolomites, a book to browse, to take you on an adventurous journey through fortified cities and mazes, ancient astronomical clocks, nature hikes, goblins and mysteries, sparkling parties and mouth-watering dishes.

Language: Italiano e Inglese Format: Hardcover, 23,5×28,5 cm, 32 pages ISBN 978-88-99180-67-6 (english) ISBN 978-88-99180-66-9 (italiano)

Genre: Kids

Subject: Geography / Environment / Territory

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 32

Price: 12,90

ISBN: 978-88-99180-66-9

My Mini Veneto & Venezia