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Napoli/New York/ Hollywood

Napoli/New York/ Hollywood

The history of Italian artists’ emigration that changed cinema in the USA

This book is a passionate research on the influence of Italian emigrates’ culture on cinema and media in the United States from 1895 to nowadays. Giuliana Muscio analyzes lives and careers of Italian actors, musicians and directors that brought with them a culture made of comedy and tragedy, music and dance, naturalism and improvisation. The research is based on archive’s documents, accurate films’ analysis and interviews with Italian-American artists, such as Francis Coppola, Talia Shire, John Turturro, Nancy Savoca e David Chase.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Cinema/theatre/dance

Publishing house:

Dino Audino editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 240

Price: 29,00

ISBN: 9788875274450

Foreign rights manager:

Napoli/New York/ Hollywood

Giuliana Muscio

Giuliana Muscio has been professor at Padoa University and Visiting Professor at Minnesota University and UCLA. Among her books, are Lista nera a HollywoodScrivere il filmLa Casa Bianca e le sette majorsPiccole Italie, grandi schermiAlle porte di Hays e Quei bravi ragazzi; in America she published The New Deal and the Film Industry and Napoli/New York/Hollywood.