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Naso Rosso

Naso Rosso

Foreign rights sold:
Norway, Spain and Spanish territories

A pinch of madness, a red nose and a city in delirium.

Red Nose is a picture book illustrated by Sergio Olivotti, it’ s joyful hymn who celebrates the joy and the power of imagination. The use of black, white and red makes this picture book a valuable design object. ’The red nose is the smallest mask in the world.’– Jacques Lecoq. An illustrated book dedicated to the imaginative power of the clown that is inside each of us; the same clown child who makes spontaneity and colour the true antidote against degradation and homologation. The strenght of this book is the surreal mood of the illustrations, able to surprise the readers, the sonority and the rhytm of the text.

Genre: Kids

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 32

Price: Euro 14,50

ISBN: 9788899275112

Foreign rights manager: Valentina Rizzi

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Naso Rosso

Valentina Rizzi

Valentina Rizzi is a children author, playwright and drama-therapist. On 2013 she wins a Public Contest to tell stories on the road with a three-wheel car named Bibliolibrò. One year later she creates Bibliolibrò’s Publisher House and she starts to publish her texts abroad. Her text “Not anymore”, illustrated by Marianna Coppo and published with Settenove Publisher, is a White Raven 2016.

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