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North American P/F 51 Mustang in italian service

North American P/F 51 Mustang in italian service

A bilingual text rich in black& white and colour photographs,colour profiles and an appendix. The book retraces the development and the characteristics of this marvellous fighter, one of the best out of  World War II, not only for its effectiveness in war, but also for its special appeal that it has always had on historical aircraftsʼ lovers. A Mustang that even if it didnʼt have and operational life closely connected to combatment, contribuited in a decisive way to the rebirth of the Aeronautical Militare Italiana and to the improvement in the technical and professional knowledge of our pilots, marking the water shed between the propeller fighters and the first jet aicraft.

Genre: Other

Subject: Technology / Engineering / Agriculture

Publishing house:

IBN Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone sas

Year of publication: 2014

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 64

Price: 15.90

ISBN: 9788875650193

North American P/F 51 Mustang in italian service

Mauro Di Massimo

Mauro Di Massimo born in Rome on 1962, has always been fond of aircrafts since he was a child. He started building models at the age of 6 and when he reached the age of 20 he was considered such a talent that he projected the logo and published his profiles on the famous magazine “AirKit”.