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Il nuovo capitalismo della mobilità. Oligarchi e sudditi nei trasporti

Capitalism, which has always displayed a lively tendency to movement throughout its centuries-old existence, has today become completely mobile. This process began, in the eighties of the past century, with the incessant circulation of finance, to then be transmitted to the intensification in the exchange of goods on a global scale, up to reaching the displacement of the factories, to finally arrive at the contemporary digital economy, which it whirls and swirls information and processes. The relationship between business size and the innovation process, as Giulio Sapelli underlines in his introduction, constitutes one of the fundamental issues around which the analysis of the book revolves. While capitalism has become completely mobile, in the meantime mobility has become completely capitalist: intense processes of concentration are being determined which are destined to change the nature and functioning mechanisms of the entire mobility system. The intersection between these two processes – mobile capitalism and capitalist mobility – is baptizing, in the wake of the twenty-first century, the new capitalism of mobility, which constitutes a distinctive figure capable of capturing some of the fundamental characteristics of contemporary economic relations. Globalization has led to the completion of a process towards the acceleration of mobility, which began decades ago. Whoever stops is lost, in the glittering universe of the contemporary economy. The book proposes, as an essential key to understanding contemporary dynamics, the metaphor of a new capitalism of mobility.

Pietro Spirito, professor of Infrastructure Management at Universitas Mercatorum, has dedicated his professional life to the transport sector. He was a manager at the Italian State Railways, President and General Manager of the Bologna Freight Village, Director of Operations at ATAC, President of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port System Authority.