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Nutrire il futuro (Nourishing the future)

Nutrire il futuro (Nourishing the future)


A book which furnishes one with the right luggage for a journey towards transformation and improvement.
From both ancient and modern perspectives, Guglielmo explores topics such as nature and society, body and mind, new technologies that modify the human being, new values and new views of life.
Just as a child has characteristics that come from its parents and ancestors, from society, education and the environment, the same can be said for the future. It develops naturally from the past, branching out under the impetus of so many factors, an immense flow of which we understand only a tiny part. If we pretend we can make it exactly as we like, we are destined for frustration and failure. However, if we can nurture the future with care and love, as we do for our children, we enable it to develop at its best. Nourishment is the root of life, and how we choose to feed ourselves affects our health and that of the planet. This is the starting premise of the book and from here it illustrates how everyone can adopt the most suitable diet using yin and yang, the principle of balance and transformation. Nature and society, body and mind, new technologies that modify the human being, new values and visions of life: these are just some of the topics explored from an ancient and modern point of view.

Genre: Essays

Publishing house:

Edizioni Mediterranee

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 224

Price: 19.50

ISBN: 9788827229385

Foreign rights manager: Mara Morini |

Nutrire il futuro (Nourishing the future)

Guglielmo Carlo

CARLO GUGLIELMO is one of the most experienced Italian teachers of natural nutrition. He began studying the Yin and Yang philosophy and its applications to food and health in 1974. Since then he has conducted intensive teaching regarding these initiatives, collaborating with medical and educational institutions for the promotion of the principles of health and natural life. He has published the ongoing seller The Big Book of the Ecodiet