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Omicidio nel Ghetto: Venezia 1616

Omicidio nel Ghetto: Venezia 1616


Venice 1616: two merchants, Contarini and Vanin are heavily indebted to Hirsh, the owner of the Banco Rosso.  Vanin is killed at the door of the banker’s house who is indicted and arrested. Benjamin, his young son, wanting to prove his father’s innocence, tries to involve Sebastian, the victim’s son. The two boys in their bizarre association, investigate inside and outside the Ghetto and discover disconcerting truths.

A beautiful and exciting novel, with many twists and turns immersed in a detailed and evocative historical setting.

Two worlds far and near: the rich and powerful Venice and the small Jewish Ghetto are the background of a breathtaking investigation story at the time when a Jew accused of the murder of a Christian was as good as dead.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 352

Price: 17,00 euro

ISBN: 978-88-6771-653-1

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Omicidio nel Ghetto: Venezia 1616

Raffaella Podreider

Raffaella Podreider, born in Basel Switzerland in 1946, grew up in Milan, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the Bocconi University of Milan Italy. She taught at the Rudolf Steiner School. She published for young readers a crime story Giallo alla corte di Elisabetta (Teorema Libri 1996), Il Falco delle Terrealte (Bruno Mondadori 1999), La Magia del Falco (Bruno Mondadori 2006) these novels, accompanied by historical cards and teaching aids, were awarded of National Prizes.