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Foreign rights sold:
Germany, spanish (world), Turkish, Malta

Being different can be tough. But also very, very funny!

There’s big news in Orchidville: Mayor Orcnest and his gruesome wife, Orcaleah, are expecting a boy orclet, and the orc community has high expectations about how divinely hairy and smelly he’ll be, as the son of the stinkiest, nastiest orc-dad of all. So the shock is palpable when the highly-respected, putrid couple instead produce an orc who isn’t ugly: Adorcable is a blond, green-eyed wonder with the finest manners and the biggest smile anyone’s ever seen. Orcnest’s rank reputation is in danger!

Publishing house:

editrice il castoro

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 144

Price: 13

ISBN: 9788869663437

Foreign rights manager: Andreina Speciale


Fabrizio Silei

Fabrizio Silei is a beloved author and artist. Winner of the Italian Andersen Award in 2012, they say about him ’he’s one of the highest and most qualified voices of the children’s literature in Italy’. With Il Castoro, he published two other novels, one of which was finalist at the Premio Strega in the category 6+, and a thrilogy.