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Orgoglio e pregiudizio, mai fidarsi delle apparenze – Alice in Austenland

Alice, an aspiring young writer with a quick sense of humor and a passion for Jane Austen, writes all about the goings-on at Aton Abbey College in her diaries and column, the Voice of Lizzie Bennet. She ends up fi nding all sorts of parallels between her life at the school (a lot of study and adventures with her friends in the Fashion Club) and her favorite author’s novels. Romance, the ups and downs of school life, daring adventures, literature, and fashion all combine in this fun, exciting series for modern girls. A series of six illustrated novels based on elements of the works by Jane Austen. A lively, modern writing style, full of the things that girls really care about today. With her fresh, humorous style, Eleonora Antonioni has illustrated children’s books for the most important Italian publishing houses.

Maria Paola Pesce, in art MAPI, is a writer, trainer and coach.