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Parolina: cronista per Verità

Parolina: cronista per Verità

Here, finally there is a book that wants to teach children something special: to tell the truth. The title is very captivating and the author wanted to play the role of a little girl, Parolina...

Parolina belongs to a large family: that of the Words of humans, but she is small and as she grows up she wants to understand and find her right role, with communication that must be concrete, constructive and true. She is not an easy task and along her path she will find someone ready to hinder her. Liar and Evil will be insidious and will make life difficult for Parolina who, however, will have faithful friends by her side. Verità will be Parolina’s point of reference, who, understanding her inclinations, will propose to work for her.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Edizione Il Ciliegio

Year of publication: 2016

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 72

Price: 11,00 euro

ISBN: 9788867712533

Foreign rights manager:

Parolina: cronista per Verità

Manuelita Lupo

Manuelita Lupo was born and lives in Milan. She is a freelance journalist, she collaborates with various newspapers by writing current affairs articles and white news. She is also the author of numerous poems, many published in anthologies of contemporary authors. She loves writing children’s stories. You have published six books for children (‘Il Ciliegio’, ‘Leucotea Edizioni’ and ‘Arpeggio Libero’), all of which have been awarded prizes.