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Poesie per entrarci dentro

Poesie per entrarci dentro

Whether big or smalldo not lengthen the pace,stay in slippersthat little bit of progress.

The  word  becomes  key.  Ennio  Cavalli  forges  it,  sculpts  it  and  plays  with  it.  Then  he  gives  it  to  us,  in  all  its  artificiality,  in  this  book  enriched  with  refined  and  original  illustrations.  We  can  use  it  to  open  the  world,  or  to  open  ourselves.  From  0  to  99  years  old,  everyone  can  read  Poesie  per  entrarci  dentro  which,  in  a  definition  by  Roberto  Piumini,  is  a  «circus  of  the  word»  for  «children  without  age».

Genre: Poetry

Publishing house:

Argentodorato Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Ferrara

Number of pages: 95

Price: € 22

ISBN: 9791280273024

Foreign rights manager: Eleonora Belletti

Poesie per entrarci dentro

Ennio Cavalli

Ennio Cavalli writes books for adults and children. Among his books for readers up to 99 years, La gallina dalle grida d’oro (Laterza 2000), Se nascevo gabbiano… era peggio (Feltrinelli 2001), Buonanotte buio (Lapis 2004) and the four volumes of the series I gemelli giornalisti (Piemme 2002-2016). He won the Giovanni Arpino, Corvo BiancoInternationale Jugendbibliotheck of Monaco, Selezione Bancarellino and Elsa Morante Ragazzi prizes.