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Quando sarai nel vento (When you are in the wind)

Quando sarai nel vento (When you are in the wind)


«There are short books that seem ponderous and ponderous books that flow in a moment because they tell only what is necessary.» – Marcello Fois

A fascinating and complex novel full of passions, characters, references to the cinema and, above all, to music and the auditory dimension.

Abele has left Cilento to study the winds on the Abruzzian mountains. While waiting for instruments that seem never to arrive, he spends his time observing an almost lunar landscape, devastated by an earthquake, and empty both of people and of hope. Something will interrupt this dull calm: a journey that will take Abele on his father’s tracks between Argentina, New York and Paris. A journey started with Marlena, the distressed Beatrice who little by little becomes the queen of that universe, which is expectant but at the same time marked by loneliness and apathy: the wind has disappeared, and without its thrust, the earth-like humanity following Abele’s discoveries, the pungent smell of the fires devastating the Global South, the fights of the ecologists inspired by Walt Whitman, will hang over, shrouded in clear sonority and harsh light, like photos struggling against all that goes by, fades away, is recalled no more.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 512

Price: 18 euro

ISBN: 9788832970272

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights: Clementina Liuzzi Literary – Head of Rights:

Premi: Shortlisted for Flaiano Prize 2018, Marzani Internationl Prize 2018

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Quando sarai nel vento (When you are in the wind)

Gianfranco Di Fiore

Gianfranco Di Fiore was born in 1978. Since his debut with his novel La notte dei petali bianchi (The night of the white petals) in 2011, he has been publishing several short stories in different anthologies.