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A father who’s always on the road for work and a son who dreams of going to the soccer with his dad suddenly find themselves stuck at home together with the flu. It’s a perfect chance for binging on PES. As they play, they start talking about their favorite players and teams. With every story the father tells reminding him of a new one, the result is a huge cast of very different characters, all brought together by the common theme of soccer.

Stories about soccer and soccer players that teach kids important lessons about respect, history, and perseverance. Soccer is a subject that attracts children and brings generations together.

The author’s first book sold over 10,000 copies by word of mouth.

Edoardo Maturo is 35 and works for the NGO International ActionAid. In 2016 he published with Bookabook Papà, van Basten e altri supereroi (Dad, Van Basten, and other Superheroes), a fun diary of his attempts to convince his six-year-old son to support Milan AC. The success of this book led to a second, as well as an online community with over 60,000 members.