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«I am wild» tells about an ordinary day in the life of Anna, a cheerful and lively girl with bright red hair, who is a real \’wild child\’.Anna, in fact, does everything with great vitality, energy and exuberance. Every single event in her day becomes an opportunity for discovery and fun. Some people say: \’Anna is a tomboy!\’. But no! Anna is simply a child who expresses her own personality freely and spontaneously.

An enjoyable story for girls and boys ages 3 to 6, it is a useful tool for reflecting on gender stereotypes.This illustrated story book is accompanied by an easy-to-use guide by the author with reading advice for the adult.

Irene Biemmi is a researcher in social pedagogy at the University of Florence, trainer and author of books for children. In her role as a pedagogist, she studies the processes linked to the construction of female and male identity and teaches courses to raise awareness in the school world about gender culture and equal opportunities.