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Storia della pizza. Da Napoli a Hollywood

Where does pizza come from? And what does it have in common with maza or plakous? Together with pasta, pizza is undoubtedly the dish that best represents Italian food culture around the world. But pizza actually has a thousand-year-old history that goes well beyond the borders of Italy. Luca Cesari shows us how pizza is just one of many types of schiacciata produced and eaten daily all over the world, and is closely related to a broad range of similar foods from the Mediterranean region. The word “pizza” has been documented to as far back as 997 A.D. and seems to have appeared for the first time in the Codex diplomaticus Cajetanus of Gaeta, which labelled a stuffed focaccia as such. Tracing the foodstuff ’s origins and evolution over time and space, Cesari presents a history of pizza that aims to debunk the many stereotypes surrounding the world’s most famous food.

Luca Cesari is a food historian who writes for newspapers including Il Sole 24 Ore.