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Ambra and Blu are twin sisters who want to know why they are the way they are: why do they have two eyes instead of three? Why do they have light-colored skin and smooth hair? And why do they look practically identical? After shrinking to microscopic size, they’ll explore the inside of a human cell in the company of Pio, a wise chick who is able to answer all their questions. During their fantastic voyage in search of the mysterious DNA, they’ll pass through the walls of the nucleus and meet a novice ribosome, a stubborn repressor, and a giant octopus with a crucial role in cellular division, the centrosome.

Claudia Flandoli graduated with a degree in biology from the University of Pisa and then she chose to become an author and draw graphic novels, studying at the ISIA in Urbino and the MiMaster in Milan. Due to her double formation, her graphic novels are often about science. She has worked as an illustrator for Zanichelli, Mondadori, CNR, Sironi editore, The Gurdon Institute, and The Royal Society of Chemistry.