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The volume collects the essential texts of the father of Italian ecology, a work capable of illuminating analysis in understanding where human invention can lead to disaster. His ecological critique of capitalism mercilessly unmasks the contradictions of the system, denouncing the increasingly heavy effects produced by a climate warming which is the result of this capitalist and paleo-technical model.

A vademecum for young people who are already committed to the defense of the Earth, reminding them that ecology is not born today, that environmentalism is an ancient political philosophy and that already more than half a century ago alarms were being raised on the future of our planet.

A book that reminds us how ecological criticism and political and cultural dissidence must proceed together.

This is the great message and the great lesson of Giorgio Nebbia.

GIORGIO NEBBIA (1926-2019), ecologist, essayist, internationally known scholar, taught Merceology at the University of Bari from 1959 to 1995. Member of Parliament for the independent Left in the Chamber (1983-1987) and in the Senate (1987-1992), has been the author of many works on the relationship between goods and environment (the cycle of goods) and between economics and ecology.