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The Kardashians. Mitografia del contemporaneo

The Kardashians are the media phenomenon that has conquered the world from America. Six leading ladies (Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and mother Kris) and more than one billion followers globally on social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).Religious movement numbers with planetary spread.What is the source of this success? On what is this attractiveness based? Is it really all worthless trash? Is it possible to condemn a phenomenon of such vastness and success without first at least trying to understand what are the deep dynamics that define it?To answer these questions and outline some of the mechanisms of success in the digital age that has just begun comes the first theoretical book, worldwide, on the Kardashians.Not a biography, much less a memoir. Much more courageously, but with the humility necessary at the base of any enterprise of thought, an attempt to bring out the significant ‘unsaid’ that characterizes a phenomenon with worldwide effects.

Salvatore Patriarca (Rome, 1975), a ‘philosopher entrepreneur’ adept at transferring theory into successful projects, has founded companies dealing with editorial content for large companies and the creation of web applications. He is director of publishing projects and business communication manager.Graduated in Philosophy from Sapienza University in Rome, PhD in 2003, post-doc in 2004.