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Theatre and his tales

Theatre and his tales

Enter the wonderful Opera “factory” and discover all its secrets.  Explore areas inaccessible to the public and take part in the staging of an Opera. Read the best Opera stories and live the exciting stories of the characters. Gripping, romantic, tragic, comic and legendary plots that always move and thrill audiences the world over. Enjoy solving the many puzzles and quizzes you’ll find in the book. Getting closer to the world of Opera has never been so easy. Listen on the audio CD to the best known Opera Arias. Opera is drama set to music: a skilful combination of different arts that has forged immortal masterpieces in time.

Magia dell’Opera is a series of illustrated books with audio CDs which introduces children and young students to the discovery of the fascinating world of Opera. Produced in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and the Tito Gobbi Music Association, it includes an introductory book and a series of monographs, each one dedicated to a famous opera with practical indications for the staging an actual performance.

Genre: Kids

Subject: Music

Publishing house:

Edizioni Curci

Year of publication: 2009

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 80

Price: Euro 14,90

ISBN: 9788863950267

Foreign rights manager: Laura Moro / Cinzia Di Dio La Leggia

Theatre and his tales

Cecilia Gobbi - Nunzia Nigro

Daughter of Tito Gobbi, she grew up in the world of opera, following her father in his international career and then studying sociology at La Sapienza University, Rome. She founded the association dedicated to her father, of which she is president. She developed the “Magic of Opera” project, overseeing the didactic program and textbooks and coordinating all aspects of the performances that conclude the annual course.