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Tu sei MUSICA (You are MUSIC)

Tu sei MUSICA (You are MUSIC)

Are you ready for your first encounter with music? Sit back, open your ears wide and read, watch and listen to this illustrated book made up of sounds, words and images. Through a QR code, you can connect to a YouTube playlist of 12 music tracks which, page after page, will accompany you as you read. You will discover that there is music as light as feathers in the snow, while others dig into the earth like the roots of a tree. Let yourself be transported to unique settings, lulled by ever-changing melodies. Because there are all kinds of music and everyone can choose their own. But above all, everyone has a music inside them. Can you hear it too?

A book that accompanies children in a dance made of music, words and colours.

Illustrated by Ilaria Braiotta. Born in Mantua, lives and works in Verona. Always passionate about drawing and painting, she approached the world of illustration by attending workshops, courses and seminars with some of the most important Italian and foreign illustrators. The illustrated book Tu sei MUSICA is her first publication.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Number of pages: 40

Price: 14,50

ISBN: 9788831426152

Foreign rights manager: Cinzia Seccamani, Find Out Team

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Tu sei MUSICA (You are MUSIC)

Elisa Vincenzi

Elisa Vincenzi is the author of numerous books for children. After graduating in Educational Sciences from the University of Verona, she specialised in music therapy and music propaedeutics. In addition to writing, she designs and runs workshops on creativity, music therapy and sound and movement education for children and adults.