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These are strange times, so much so that the “normality” should be supplanted by a “new normality”. At least that\’s what they tell us, that\’s what we were told from the very first days of this emergency in which we found ourselves facing a virus that, they claimed, we knew nothing about. Yet, who knows how, we already knew that some of our most deeply rooted habits would have to change with the introduction of social distancing, masks, temperature measurement, work from home, distance learning and other similar amenities to which, it seems, we have become accustomed. The author, Benedetto Tangocci, in his book Umanità sotto scacco, he reflects on other words, what he calls “true humanity”: not arbitrary rules decided and imposed by presumed experts, but rather the set of aspects that, as a species, belong to us by natural (not ministerial) decree, so that it is possible to defend at least its memory, that it may be a seed to germinate whenever possible.

Benedetto Tangocci works as a psychologist in Florence. He is a member of the Psychology Group of the Fondazione per la Salutogenesi Onlus, signatory of the ComunicatoPsi, founding member of SinergEtica, Movimento di Libera Psicologia, psychologist of Segnale Dieta GIFT. He is the author of numerous scientific and popular articles, some of which are also reproduced on his website