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Un giorno per disfare (A day to take apart)

Un giorno per disfare (A day to take apart)


«A cruel story, the sadness of its message leaves the reader stunned, and admired for the ability of the messenger» – Elle

Disneyland Paris, France. A chilling sequence of five photographs shows a giant stuffed Pluto setting himself on fire with a bottle of petrol. Jacques Vian is the photographer, a reporter for «Le Monde», who is experiencing the first symptoms of Parkinson’s. Under the costume is Matteo Danza, a Ph.D. student in ethology. Jacques is drawn to Matteo’s act and becomes immersed in his story, like an explorer. He will put together a long and emotional reportage in which he becomes the narrator of Mattia’s utopia, assisting him in his sacrifice, aware of the fact that men are animals in captivity in an artificial nature, persuaded that to become men once again, it is necessary to «give a different priority to our beliefs and correct our aim».

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2014

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 144

Price: 15 euro

ISBN: 9788896538937

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights: Clementina Liuzzi Literary – Head of Rights:

Premi: winner of 2015 Youth Zocca Award

Un giorno per disfare (A day to take apart)

Raffaele Riba

Raffaele Riba was born in Cuneo in 1983. He is among the City Writers and teaches in the Holden School. He is also the author of Abbi pure paura (Loescher, 2015) and La custodia dei cieli profondi (The deep-sky guardian, 66thand2nd, 2018).