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Una gran voglia di vivere (Lust for Life)

Una gran voglia di vivere (Lust for Life)

Foreign rights sold:
Albanian Rights sold to Dudaj, Arabic Rights sold to Ninawa


An inner and outer journey in search of a new way to be together

Waking up one morning and not knowing if you still love the woman sleeping next to you, the woman with whom you built a life and a family. You don’t know how it could have happened. There wasn’t a specific event, a situation, a betrayal. It wasn’t an explosion that drew us apart, it was a slow and silent process made of small imperceptible steps – it was hard to believe.”

Anna and Marco have been together for seven years and have a five-year-old son. They used to be so good together, what has happened now to their lives? They decide to take at least some time off and go on a long trip to Australia and New Zealand, in an attempt to cope with their crisis.  A sharp and yet heartfelt novel that captures  all the emotional details and contradictions of our relationships. A story to identify with to try to understand if it’s possible a new way of being together again.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 204

Price: €19,00

ISBN: 9788804707271

Foreign rights manager: Emanuela Canali

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Una gran voglia di vivere (Lust for Life)

Fabio Volo

Fabio Volo (born near Brescia in 1972) is a writer, actor, TV and radio dee-jay. He is the author of eleven extraordinary bestselling novels, simultaneously riding high in the bestseller lists.

Other translations:
I libri di Fabio Volo sono stati molto tradotti all’estero. Tra i suoi editori esteri: Diogenes, Plaza y Janes, Rosa dels Vents, Bertrand Brasil, Kinneret, Presença, Wereldsbibliotheek, Muza, Fleuve Noir, Michel Lafon, Dudaj, Ripol, Pegasus, Znanje, Livani, Beo-Book, Colibri, Solo Press Taiwan, Nha Nam Publ. Thai, Europa, Sodam & Taeil Korea.