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At Camilla’s house there are: Camilla, her mom and the dog Gimmy. As for everyone, hers is the most beautiful family in the world, yet one day the teacher assigns her a truly impossible task:”I draw the dad I would like to have”…
Third in the series Little story of a family, a book about children with a single parent, to emphasize how each family has its particular shape, a whole to be respected.

Illustrated by Ursula Bucher, born in Roveredo, a small village in Italian-speaking Switzerland. At 15 she moved to Lugano, where for 5 years she attended the school center for the artistic industries, obtaining a graphic design diploma in 1998. She later attended the “Emile Cohl” illustration school in Lyon, France, graduating in 2002. Since then she lives in Lugano, where she works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer helped by her bold cat Valdo.

Along with Maria Silvia Fiengo, Francesca Pardi is the founder of Lo Stampatello, a publishing house whose mission is to represent the reality of families other than traditional ones and to fight against any gender stereotype. She is also the author of the bestseller Piccolo Uovo.